Admission Essay: Making the Community a Better Place

Making the Community a Better Place
Making the Community a Better Place

Making the Community a Better Place

Sample Admission Essay on Making the Community a Better Place

My family has always taught that me that I should always yearn to give back to the communities and other people. They believe that by giving back, one could learn to appreciate the things that they have, and realize that almost everyone can make a difference in the lives of others. After joining the school, my parents reminded me the importance of joining groups that would participate in this endeavor, and I believe I have been active in making the school and the community a better place.

The first project that I participated in was the volunteer program in southern Africa. I participated in two countries; South Africa and Botswana. In South Africa, we participated in the in-school works, engaging students and other members of the community to appreciate the value of learning and further gave them supplies to facilitate their learning. In Botswana, we facilitated a fundraising project to help the development of infrastructure in a local school called Bunina’s School and actively engaged with both the teachers and students to raise awareness on the importance of education. Our project largely involved carrying out activities such as selling of baked goods and washing cars.

Another project that I participated in was the school group Wheels of Good whose value proposition was to get out of Debt. The project was community-based and was carried out in 2015 in Singapore. Its main agenda was to raise funds to empower the poor in the urban center. Being the representative of the group, my role was to engage any other partnering groups such as the Methodist welfare service, find the means to raise funds through the public and engage all the stakeholders in direct meeting and participative platforms.

I was involved in deciding who would handle specific activities such as organizing volunteers and assigning them tasks to handle. At the end of the program, we managed to reach out to individuals facing poverty in the urban center, empowered them on how to avoid being trapped by debt, and lastly gave them a token to address their basic needs such as clothing and food.

The Structure adopted on this paper is similar to A speech and a Presentation paper. We would be happy to provide a similar paper on the same topic.


Admission Essay: Making the Community a Better Place

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