Do You Need A Light On Your Ceiling Fan?

Light On Your Ceiling Fan
Light On Your Ceiling Fan

Do You Need A Light On Your Ceiling Fan?

Looking to buy a ceiling fan? here is your simple guide

When buying appliances for your home, do you consider buying those appliances that work as two or three in one or just one that plays a particular role independently? I was engaged in such a conversation the other day with a customer who was in a dilemma and sought to know whether they should buy fans that have lights or buy both the light and the fans separately. This case reminded of a time when I learn from Sheena Iyengar that it is indeed possible to make choosing easier for customers.

If you are one of those that has had the challenge of deciding whether you want the light on the ceiling fan here is your guide.

Fans That Have Light

Today, most exhaust fans come with additional features such as heating, light and the fanning capacity which makes it easier for the customer to have multiple features at a go in their home. This would improve their competitive advantage and increase the level of pricing allowing the company to sell a product that appeals to most people. Most companies have realized the essence of reducing clutter in the house and this is why you will find different products minimizing their sizes while improving their functionality allowing them to play functions that are more important.

Here is a sample that we have reviewed

Ceiling Fans without Light

On the other hand, the phrase old is gold still holds and you will find the old type of fans designs being used in modern setting, either because they are considered to have a better capacity to play their functions or whether the needs that motivate the company to use other types of product does not exists. For example, setting such as game rooms, study rooms or others such as theatres may have their own lighting systems which would automatically mean there is no need for the ceiling fan to have the light. However, you can still add some light to some of these fans

Whichever the option of the two, the purchase decision really lies on the customer and they have to evaluate the issues that would determine whether they should buy a fan that has light or buy one that does not.

So what Reason would let the customer know what kind of fan they should buy?

Long story short deciding whether you need the ceiling fan should have light will boil down to you needs. The three obvious ones would be the size and space of the room, the setting, nature and the needs you want to achieve by having these fans systems.

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Do You Need A Light On Your Ceiling Fan?

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