Result For Over Tourism Impact on Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Result For Over Tourism Impact on Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Result For Over Tourism Impact on Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Image Result For Over Tourism Impact On Hospitality And Tourism Industry Summer 2017 Saw A Media Frenzy Around ?over tourism.?

Image result for over tourism impact on hospitality and tourism industry Summer 2017 saw a media frenzy around ?over tourism.? UNESCO threatened to remove Dubrovnik?s World Heritage Site status unless it curbed tourist numbers; local people in Venice organised angry protests against over tourism and cruise ships; and local people on the Isle of Skye called for help because their roads became impassable and they could no longer get their food shopping or visit relatives. (tourism, 2017)

The most commonly shared concern by our panel members was that over tourism affects negatively the life quality of local residents. This may lead to the local population’s frustration and ?tourism-o-phobia? in the shape of organized resistance.As Ben Knapp predicts, ?initial individual resistance to tourists and business visitors will eventually grow into more broadly organized and vocal resistance - as we are seeing in parts of Spain. The medium and longer-term reputation and therefore competitiveness of any place that experiences such ?tourism fatigue? will undoubtedly worsen.?(effects, 2017)

Fall in reputation and losing place identity and authenticity Price rise and concerns of sustainability: infrastructure over consumption and Robert Govers affirms that “at the moment, the cities struggling most with over tourism are often the ones that have allowed their reputations to become one-dimensionally tourism-focused over time.”Similarly, a quarter of the respondents stated that over tourism reduces the quality of a place, harms the place product and, consequently, decreases its reputation. This, on the other hand, takes away the authenticity of a place and has a strong impact on its identity.

“The flow of tourists ruins the sustainability of the city life,” claims Irina Shafranskaya. Similarly, rising prices of housing, deterioration of services and stressed traffic and infrastructures were mentioned by several respondents, as these are the everyday situations that gradually lead to the decrease of life quality and frustration of residents, making the sustainability of tourism questionable.

Decreasing attractiveness and competitiveness Four respondents pointed out that the decreasing reputation of a place will probably have negative impacts on its attractiveness and competitiveness.

“What a place gains with tourism, it might be losing in other industries, which may be a threat to the competitiveness of a place,” said Joao Freire. Gregory Pomerantsev agrees, holding that the overwhelming popularity of a destination is likely to become the downfall of its reputation and competitiveness in comparison to other destinations or cities as whole - as a place to study, work or invest Works Cited effects. (2017, 05 03). brand source.

Retrieved from brand source:. (2017). Venice: responsible tourism.tourism, r. (2017, 05 12). over tourism. Retrieved from over tourism: tourism

Result For Over Tourism Impact on Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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