Sample Personal Statement for a Business Management Course

Sample Personal Statement for a Business Management Course
Sample Personal Statement for a Business Management Course

Sample Personal Statement for a Person Pursuing a Business Management Course

After working of several personal statements this week we have decide to make a post of one. One of our client needed a guideline of our personal statement which we have promised to have delivered soon. The client further elaborated that the first outline we had was not satisfactory. Here is our first one. In the mean time you can use the Purdue one It is an academically recognized platform. The client that we had, Here is the assignment on the personal statement that they need to have done. In their case it was related to scholarship writing but still in the realm of personal statement writing. any way for the sample below, we did not follow the guideline we tagged it the tittle business management and here it is.

Let us know what you feel about our scholarship writing sample

In my life, I have always wished to achieve several goals. These are pursuing a Business Management course and to improve my overall well being through supplementing skills with knowledge from other areas and experience through learning from other people. After completing a UFP course at CATS London, supplemented by PYP and MYP certification from Miras International School and years of international experience, I developed a personal, academic, and a professional plan in a bid to see through my goal; running my own enterprise in future. I believe that a course in Business Management will rectify this by providing me with invaluable tools, knowledge, and expertise.

I attribute my decision to pursue management as a career to team work and competence colluded over a short time from my exposure to business operations. I have also summed this to years of being abroad and learning how business work in the international context with the various challenges they undergo while mapping out their strategies. In addition, combining both my academic goals and non-academic responsibilities has helped me achieve grades that are a representative of my ability to learn more. In all of these capacities, I have been exposed to challenges such as managing my personal finances with the pressure of planning and analysis of all the areas that require investment prior to making a decision to spend the money. I hope that on completion of my business course, I will be well positioned to start my own enterprise back home in Kazakhstan.

Throughout my studies, I have further nurtured my existing interest in business management through in-depth reading of articles such as “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and others like “Good to Great, Why Some Companies Make the Leap ... And Others Don't” by Jim Collins. In each of these books, I have learnt that with my analytic reading culture I can identify a niche in business management where I can carve my management career. Consistent reading and learning a first-hand experience with English has transformed fluency in English from simply being able to read and apply all the concepts learnt.

I should also make a note on the important role played by my non-academic work in my life. Working as a part time accountant in my father’s café has given me hands-on experience that has further attached me to management leaving me with an emphatic passion towards an undergraduate degree with a major in Business Management. Alongside working experience, this job has exposed me to yet another challenge of managing my personal finance to fit my ever-unlimited wants. On personal capacity, this job has helped me improve my confidence and instilled in me the passion for management since every decision made is what creates or breaks the company.

I believe that managing an enterprise requires a manager who not only can bring in their managerial knowledge to advance and satisfy their clients’ needs, but also can comprehend their point of view at a profound level. Thus given this chance, I see myself combining the knowledge I have accumulated through my previous and current studies and business management expertise with the advantage of my communication fluency to build my own enterprise. I yearn to add to my existing diverse knowledge by extending myself beyond the glamour of owning my own enterprise to finding a niche where business and management intersect to give back to my society.

Sample Personal Statement for a Business Management Course

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