Contemporary International Politics in Syria

Contemporary International Politics
Contemporary International Politics

Contemporary International Politics

  1. Discuss how a post structuralist would analyst the war in Syria. What are the differences and similarities compared to a mainstream approach (eg. Realism)?
  2. In what ways and to what extent does Marxism remain a cogent approach to International Relations theory after 1989?
  3. Do Kenneth Waltz or Hans Morgenthau offer useful conceptual tools for understanding post-Cold War international relations?
  4. ‘Foreign policy making is best understood on a systemic level’. Discuss.
  5. How is the global war on terror influencing security practices, both home and abroad?
  6. Is there an International Relations theory at the heart of the Democratic Peace Thesis?
  7. Has war become more brutal since the end of the Cold War?
  8. In what ways are feminist approaches necessary for studying international relations?
  9. Have the events of September 11, 2001 produced any substantial developments in International Relations theory?
  10. ‘All we need is Realism to understand the reality’. Discuss drawing on at least one critical approach to IR.
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Contemporary International Politics in Syria

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