Analytical Essay Artisan Who Became a Patriot

Analytical Essay artisan who became a Patriot
Analytical Essay artisan who became a Patriot

Analytical Essay artisan who became a Patriot

In this assignment I want you to take on the persona of an artisan who became a Patriot In the late 1760s and early 1770s (between the end of the Seven Years War and the beginning of the Revolution) you were upset with the imperial/colonial gov

Sample section of the Artisan who Became a Patriot

1760ís and 70ís came at a time when America as a colony of the British was seeking to liberate itself and gain independence. This time was marked by a heighten level of tension between various rival groups considering the US had many groups both natives and settlers. Each group was motivated to champion for their individual interests, with the American elites raising concerns on the taxation rates imposed previously by the British through the various acts such as the (Quartering Act and the Stamp Act).

As a result, various groups and militia units were formed in response not just to taxation requirements, but to the state of affairs in the US. It was also the time when America braced itself for more than just one task of uniting, but finding a course to stabilize the nation. This outline will document the view of the nation from the standpoint of a patriotic artisan who was a civilian at the time of the act whether they were content with these quests and achieved on the fronts of politics, social and economy. The paper will note the current beliefs notions at the time of the quests, the individual perspective on participating in this quest and explore the successes as at 1980ís in all the three fronts (Political, social and Economy). [1]

Perhaps as an artisan, the first point would be to document some of the achievements that I believe the nation made considering its past fete. From the economy standard point, the high level of turmoil discouraged many people from ever engaging in any economic activity.

It was not possible for an individual to undertake any labor or structure their businesses considering the increasing price fluctuation and the limitation on imports. Also, the increasing levies and the uncertainty of products ever being availed in the market was also a challenge. In the late Sixties, the government had introduced the stamp act followed by other complementary legal principles as Townshend Revenue Acts and the Boston Port Bill which documented the closure of the Boston Port.[2] To an artisan, this was reason enough to participate in the revolt as this meant uncertainty to ever recreate wealth as all opportunities were being closed out to encourage the US colony to comply with all the set policies.

All the elites in the US had managed to influence the support of the American sympathizers, and with the US being far away from Britain, this meant increasing rebellion .........

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[1] Aptheker, Herbert. The American Revolution, 1763-1783: a history of the American people: an interpretation. Vol. 2. International Publishers Co, 1960.

[2] Ibid

Analytical Essay Artisan Who Became a Patriot

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