Ethics and Importance of Computer Games

Ethics and Importance of Computer Games
Ethics and Importance of Computer Games

Computer Games

What is the ethics of computer game, do you feel that game developers need ethical responsibility for video game content they develop, what are the ethical issues in game development, what choice do you think goes beyond ethical game play, do you think video game play a role in influencing violence? Do you feel that such violence has any legal and ethical grounds? lastly should game developers be ethically responsibilities

Sample Section on Responding Ethics Issues in Computer Games

As a computer geek, one of the best experiences has been playing computer games to test the limits of my thinking abilities and skills. I feel that by playing games, I can learn some of the skills to solve new challenges while at the same time, I can be entertained. In my experience, two most notable games stand out; these are the Need for Speed Most Wanted and Fifa 17. Each of these game is built with different dynamics, and in some way they allow one to explore the limits set in the games by the developers. In my view, these games can best be reviewed in three angles in the social ethical and political perspectives.

As a social issue, games aid one in concurring some of the personal challenges such as interaction and participation in a similar project. Usually, playing games become more fun whenever more than one individual is involved in playing these computer games. Playing games also tends to bring people closers as individuals interested in one game always meet on different platforms such as in the game stores and online in social platforms and community platforms. In addition, games tend to make part of conversation especially considering a bigger lot of people today engage in them. Personally, I feel a game such as Fifa has introduced to other hobbies such as watching football as I now appreciate the effort put forward by the players.

Ethics plays an important role since it determines some of the issues and themes that the game hopes to introduce in the society. A game such as Fifa in my view tends to nurture the football culture for those who may not play the game in the field. Such a culture plays along with most of the societal conventions of encouraging individuals to play games. However, some games tend to challenge both morality and ethics in the nature of their designs. In most cases, these games do not reinforce the social conventions such as respect for law, respect for other beings and accommodating the interests of others. In my opinion, most of the games in the society today have been built in this way as they tend to appease the public to test the limits of the social appeals. In a way, such unethical appeals tend to encourage humans to avoid doing what is right.


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Ethics and Importance of Computer Games

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