Outsourcing of Tax Return Preparation

The Coming Accounting Revolution
Outsourcing of Tax Return Preparation

A rhetorical analysis in every outline plays an important function as it allows an individual to anticipate and capture the thoughts of a writer depending on the context of the research they are analyzing. Through rhetorical analysis, an individual begins to anticipate the seriousness of a writer and the idea which may have prompted them to make an outline.

A writer can dynamically rely on rhetoric analysis to explore the thoughts of their reader, to entertain or to persuade them or to simply inform them. The idea behind a rhetoric analysis is often set to accommodate the different reader’s needs which may vary depending on what they are looking for whenever they are reviewing an outline.

In essence, a rhetorical analysis allows a reader to feel the thought process of the writer rather than simply following ideas on an outline. It’s usually the first step to analyze the strategies that were employed. A writer can simply employ rhetoric analysis by the nature of the tone that they use, the flow of ideas or targeting of a specific audience.

In the paper The Coming Accounting Revolution: Offshore Outsourcing of Tax Return Preparation By Jesse Robertson, Dan Stone Ph. D., Liza Niederwanger, Matthew Grocki, Erica Martin, and Ed Smith, the five authors investigate the procedures, processes, and vendors whom CPA firms can outsource on tax compliance strategies overseas.

In so doing, accounting professional can attend to other urgent matters while lessening the burden of hiring other works for the same work. Each one of the five authors has specialized in either finance, accounting and while their outline is taxation based, they have outsourced services from other practitioners in the taxation line of business and audit firm Deloitte. The paper was written in 2004, with the writer’s motivation being to address a market gap that was upcoming in regards to outsourcing of the services.

In their view, other institutions in the same line of business were opting to outsource the basic services prompting the need to investigate its applicability in accounting sector. In my view, the writers hoped to communicate a changing pattern that might be adopted raising awareness to account professionals on the need to embrace such changes should they arise. This review will investigate the tone adopted by the writers, their flows of ideas and thoughts, and their format of presenting the paper while describing much of the findings they uncovered.

Analysis of Rhetoric


The tone of an outline is an important indicator of how well an author is best equipped to tackle the topic while at the same time, it allows one to read the mind of the writer to determine their state of thoughts when they began developing the outline.

Tone can be inviting to the reader in that manner that it urges them to a thought-provoking endeavor, or it could sound as a strategy to show distaste or simply buy into one's idea. Through tone, an individual gets a chance to communicate their attitude and emotions. In this paper, the authors have relied on a neutral professional tone that is direct to the point and guided by accounting register.

In the paper, the writers demonstrate best their note tone in the statements “Tax outsourcing offers several potential benefits to CPA firms.  Tax outsourcing frees tax professionals’ time from form filing and data entry to allow for more attention to higher margin services such as tax and estate planning.” (Robertson, et al 3)

In another section, the writers adopt the tone to note “Tax outsourcing offers several potential benefits to CPA firms.  Tax outsourcing frees tax professionals’ time from form filing and data entry to allow for more attention to higher margin services such as tax and estate planning.”  (Robertson, et al 3)

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Outsourcing of Tax Return Preparation

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