Creating a Flowchart Based on the University Bookstore

Creating a Flowchart Based on the University Bookstore
Creating a Flowchart Based on the University Bookstore

Create a flowchart based on the following description of how the University Bookstore orders textbooks Flowchart.docx). Identify the key elements in the process that will be needed to create financial reports. Mr. Stone has given you an excel file detailing all of the textbooks the Orlando University Bookstore sold in the previous month (Sales Report).

Analyze the data.

Identify any areas of concern along with the strengths and weaknesses of the book order process, and provide suggestions for any weaknesses you have identified.
Submit a flowchart of the bookstore process and write a 2-page report analyzing the sales process and data. How effective do you think the order system appears to be at this company?

Discuss the need for an AIS including the benefits to the bookstore.
Submit a 2 page report detailing the bookstore’s need for an AIS, the benefits of the system and how this data will be used to create financial reports.

General Info On Ordering of Books

Ordering textbooks in a university bookstore is a massive undertaking that requires good organizational, communication, and coordination skills.

The process begins with faculty deciding which textbooks they want to use. Professors communicate relevant information about the textbook (title, author, ISBN, edition, publisher, copyright date) to a department chair or secretary, who consolidates all the orders. That communication may take place with a paper form or an e-mail.

In either case, the departmental representative prepares a standard university book requisition form in triplicate: one copy for the requesting faculty member, one for the department, and one for the bookstore. The bookstore receives and consolidates requisition forms from all across the university and prepares purchase orders for textbook publishers.

Each purchase order has three copies: one for the publisher, one for the purchasing department, and one for the accounting department. When the publisher sends the books, the bookstore’s receiving department prepares two copies of a receiving report; one is filed to indicate that the goods were received, while the second is forwarded to the accounting department.

The publisher sends a billing statement (invoice) directly to the accounting department. Once all three documents have been matched and verified, the accounting department writes a check or sends an electronic funds transfer to the publisher. The bookstore staff then sort the books based on class and stock the shelves, where the books await purchase by students.

Creating a Flowchart Based on the University Bookstore

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