Achieving 100% Security for Their Enterprise

Achieving 100% Security for Their Enterprise
Achieving 100% Security for Their Enterprise
  1. What are some steps an organization should take in order to achieve 100% security for their enterprise? In addition to describing these steps, please address whether or not it is possible to achieve 100% security including, why you feel this is possible or impossible?
  2. From the 2014 Forbes article “Massive Security Breach At Sony – Here's What You Need To Know”, choose 2 of the 5 claims/reality examples in the article and describe the claim and give your opinion on the author’s description of reality.

Chapter 8

  1. From the video on the Evolving Role of the CIO, select 3-4 key characteristics that will be required of CIOs to bring expertise and value to their organizations and provide examples of the value they will bring with these characteristics.

  1. Describe the 3 levels of IT/Business maturity based on information in the text and in the article “Merlyn’s Disciplines of Business IT Engagement”. Give your opinion of what level is right for your place of employment or Niagara University.

Chapter 9

  1. From the Nightline video from 1981, Steve Jobs discussed computers as the bicycles of the 21st century. Please describe the example he used and explain how that relates to the impact technology has in today’s environment.

Achieving 100% Security for Their Enterprise

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