Websites that Help Students with study, Research Information and Academic Tutoring For Free

Websites that Help Students with Research Information and Academic Tutoring For Free
Websites that Help Students with Research Information and Academic Tutoring For Free

As a student or as a researcher, sometimes it is hectic to know what is expected of you, which calls for consultation from other experts. Such educative and research consultation is allowed in all institutions from other experts especially if you find yourself in need of a tutor or topic summary. At tedext, we offer tutoring service at a price, we assist you do research; write for you to help you understand different issues. However, if you do not have any money, we can refer you to other genuine websites that offer research and tutoring service for free. Here are other sites that could come to your aid

The first of which would be Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers It is a question and answer platform from which gives you a broad array of questions and topics to answer. Among them are topics in the field of science, humanities, and math’s, and education and reference. It has its shortcomings but you get to talk to other people who respond. The questions may not be answered exhaustively, but you will have an idea of what to. All questions get responses though majority of users seem to be young

Secondly, Quora

Quora is an online community similar to yahoo answers, but it tends to have specialists who subscribe to different topics. Some specialists even subscribe to questions related to a certain discipline, which means you will eventually get a response. It tends to have hands on opinion especially if you want people who have been in the work environment.

Thirdly, Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus presents to you videos, animations, and simulations on major subjects especially to the middle school and high school teachers. Students can rely on the platform in preparation for their homework and exam in the same way tedext.com offer such services. Interestingly, the platform does not limit you to register or log in. 

Forth, Answerology

Answerology allows the available users to answer each other's questions while also forming what they call the “Question Groups” which makes it easier for a person to that track questions on a homework topic. Although majority of the answers tend to veer off to the social side, there is the possibility that one can use them to write an essays. 

Fifth, Ask a Librarian

There is also the platform known as the Library of Congress service a platform that allows students to ask questions and receive responses to their emails from librarians. The site discourages sending homework questions, but that does not mean you cannot use it for making research. All the  Answers are emailed back in five business days. In some topics the students can get online chat responses. The site also offers a virtual reference shelf.

Sixth, Free Math Help

Free Math Help was initially launched in 2002, during the school year it sees more visits of students and instructors. Everything on the site is free, but the operations are supported by advertising, though in some cases the site can refer you to some fee-based links.

Seventh, Ask Philosophers

The above platform is supported by the University of Amherst, it allows the visitors to ask philosophy based questions and obtain responses from philosophers. Responses are made in a few days. The site does not accommodate submissions if they're unintelligible, vague, clearly scientific, concern a personal problem, or have other issues.

Eighth, Ask a Linguist?

The above platform is supported by the  Indiana University's Linguistics Department. The site only accommodates linguistics related responses with specific emphasis being on language and language analysis or any other issues that gives reference to the  substantial linguistic content. I am sure the site might be of help if you are linguistically curious

Ninth, Ask a Geologist

Of course, inevitably people like stones; after all, we are up from the Stone Age. On this platform, the focus lies on Earth related sciences. The United States Geological Survey scientist will respond if your homework question. Of course be crafty about how you phrase you homework question in the email subject line if at all you get the shot of a response. USGS scientists have responded since 1994 but will not answer test questions, write reports, answer questions with direct financial impacts, recommend products or companies, or identify rocks from photos I mean they gotta have them. Still, work your way around it 

Tenth Go Ask Alice!

Lastly, hosted by Columbia University’s health department, is a platform for the health care professionals which provides you with specific information research specialists, and writers. Most of the team members have advanced degrees in that field such as public health, health education, medicine, and counseling. The site brags of being online since 94

There are just some of the platform that we could find and which we believe can assist you to exhaustively tackle your questions. Let us know what you think. We would be glad to know which other platforms might also be useful to help students and researchers

Websites that Help Students with study, Research Information and Academic Tutoring For Free

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