Codes and Conventions of Single Camera Drama

Codes and Conventions of Single Camera Drama
Codes and Conventions of Single Camera Drama

Why Would Single Camera Be Used To Create A Drama Series As Opposed To A Multi Camera?

The idea of a single camera set is usually created to allow the audience to feel as though the drama or the comedy they are watching is more real. Usually, an individual watches any event from one position and not as a multi camera. In the same way, having one camera recording the show will trick the audience into thinking that the show is occurring live making it more realistic. Simply put, the single camera mimics oneís eyes.

Directors in drama often opt for this approach since it makes it quite easy to edit content from the camera as it flows in the sequence of its recording (Lumet, 2010). This makes it easier to make more releases of the drama to meet the demand and the pace of consumers. Directors often adopt this approach since it is usually the best way to make low budget dramaís that will keep audience in television shows entertained.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Camera Production

For the advantages, single cameras make it easy for the directors to gather the different shots in the editing stage since the shots are usually from the same file, which was recorded by the single camera. [blur] To the directors, single camera production tends to give them more control since their focus is just on that one camera. Thus, they can manipulate different elements such as lighting to make the recording easier (Lumet, 2010) [/blur] .

[blur] However, as the down side, having one camera tends to increase more since the director has to play around with only the data that they recorded when they made the shots. If there exists more faults, the director will have to find a way to correct all of them to reduce the magnitude of flaw. This disadvantage can be well understood if compared to what the multi cameras can do since they tend to reproduce a similar scene in multiple ways giving one a chance to choose the best shot (Lumet, 2010) [/blur] .

Analysis of a Scene

[blur] In the pilot episode of the series 13 reasons why, the directors relied on different camera shots to show different events that are occurring. In the scene where Tony meets Clay in the park, the directorís use the extreme wide shot to show the whole park, a wide shot when Tony is leaving clay, a medium and medium close up shot to show clay and a close up to show Clays reaction as the scene ends [/blur] .

[blur] The idea of using these different shots is to allow the viewer to perceive tension and to show the progression of events. That is to mean the action of one character on the different events. In this scene, you can actually feel the application of the 180-degree rule and the eye line when both clay and Tony are speaking to each other allowing you to see their non-verbal skills just as they are seeing them on each other. Being that the mise en scene is in the park, the movie adopts an approach that only focuses light on the characters which is a wide shot that has light focused solely on the characters but still showing them. The light is also dimmed to allow the viewer to appreciate the impact of darkness and the fact that clay is out there at night [/blur] .

Camera Genres

[blur] In my view, the crime genre would best apply to this series owing to the fact that it mimics the idea of a crime-based research where the characters are trying to investigate the different events that are occurring at a given time. These characters are also trying to find out what could have happened in other activities before [/blur] .

Target Audience

[blur] Although it is series that can be watched by audiences of different ages, the idea adopted on this movie is an interesting one considering there are different elements that makes one to perceive that the movie has been created for the younger audience. For example, the setting of the movie is in a high school, the sound tracks hope to portray young people especially when they express emotions. The subject matter is also appealing to the audience in that it shows events that occurred allowing them to have a birdís eye view of the occurrence of the sequence of these events [/blur] .

Why The Streaming is Successful

[blur] In my view, the video streaming in this series is successful since it creates a flow of activities and a sequence that is easy for the viewer to understand and comprehend. In fact, were an individual not keen, they would not notice that the camera tricks adopted are those of a single camera as opposed to the multi camera . The flow of event is one area that arouses curiosity making one wonder what is likely to happen next, who is like to be going through these events and the actions that a character needs to take. All this mystery in the video and the fact that the characters are in tenterhooks on what they did urges one to continuously want to watch the movie [/blur] .


Lumet, S. (2010). Making movies. New York: Vintage Books.

Codes and Conventions of Single Camera Drama

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