3D Printing Stage 4 Assignment

3D Printing Stage 4 Assignment
3D Printing Stage 4 Assignment

Before you begin this assignment, be sure you:

It is now a year later, and Mark has opened his two new facilities in Memphis, Tennessee and Phoenix, Arizona.  All three locations are operating almost around the clock to create 3D printed accessibility and assistive devices.  Mark and his father are planning to open several more facilities, also located near Veterans Administration Hospitals and rehab facilities. 

Mark does not want to continue to increase his IT infrastructure at the original location and has decided to move all of his systems and files to a cloud service provider.  You have recommended that since he has everything set up the way he wants it and the systems are performing well for him, that he just move what he has to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud provider.  Before Mark agrees to this, he wants to understand more about just how that would work, using his current systems and locations.  He also has a lot of questions about how the communications systems work, and he wants to understand the protocols, the architecture and the four layer TCP model.

Use the following outline for your paper:

  1. Provide an opening paragraph as an introduction that explains what is contained in the paper.  (You might write this after you develop the rest of your paper.)
  2. Explain what IT infrastructure changes will occur at the original location by telling Mark which components will be located at the IaaS cloud provider's location and what will remain at his facility.  Explain any changes that are needed at the two remote locations in order to use the IaaS cloud services.  Provide a list of which components will be located at the cloud location, at Mark's primary facility, and at the two remote locations. 
  3. Create an original graphical representation showing the cloud provider and the three current locations.  Show which components will be located at the cloud provider's site and which will remain at the three locations.  Label each component and the locations.
  4. List the protocol involved for each communication link in the design, including internet connectivity, wired connections, and wireless connections.  Be sure to include security protocols, as appropriate to the infrastructure design you created and the components you identified.
  5. Explain the concept of a layered systems architecture to aid in communications and the benefit of a layered architecture such as the TCP or OSI model.
  6. Using the four layer TCP model, explain what each layer's function is and how it will apply when Mark uses his ERP information system that will be located at the cloud service provider's location.
  7. Using the four layer TCP model, explain what happens when a packet of information travels from the server at the cloud provider to a tablet device at Mark's facility.  Be sure to identify the points at which each of the layers of the model are the primary enabler of the communication.

Sample Response Case of the 3D Printing Case

As a response to the 3D printing case, this paper will explain what is IAAS (Infrastructure as a service), components that work with the service model, IT infrastructure changes that will occur at the original location, protocols used to include security protocols, firewalls, layered systems architecture (OSI model) and the benefits of the layered architecture.

Information as a Service (IAAS) is one of the cloud service models which works alongside the Software as A Service (SAAS) and Platform as A Service (PAAS). [blur] It generally provides the required storage space, remote computing and network resources when needed hence improving the functionality of the machines. The idea of adopting these platforms is to offer the machines the capacity to deliver and perform better since computer will focus only on the task of developing the various projects and the data will be saved online on their storage resources (Cristian, 2016). [/blur]

[blur] The resources are provided to the user as virtual machine instances and virtual storage. This will allow mark to start, stop, manage and configure the virtual machine. The resources provided will cost mark and are billed on a pay per use or pay as you go model. IAAS generally hosts the infrastructure components including networking hardware, servers and storage. This is why mark should consider adopt the IAAS model for his business [/blur] .

[blur] By moving to an IAAS cloud provider, there will be no need of physical infrastructural components in mark’s original location. Since the IAAS provides online services that will complete the physical infrastructure in the locations. Mark will also have total control over low level computing resources e.g. CPUs, storage, memory and also, he will have an opportunity to choose and control the type of operating system to be used and determine what amount of space to allocate to each of the computing elements (Charles, 2015). The printers and scanners in mark’ location will remain, but the storage devices like the hard disks will be moved to the cloud provider or used as back storage [/blur] .

3D Printing Stage 4 Assignment

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