Cyber Movie (Blackhat) Critique

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Blackhat code


††††††††††† The idea of applying cyber issues in the movies today has gained a lot of popularity especially since almost everyone is amazed at the role played by computing in the human life. Almost every aspect of the human life today involves the use of cyber technology. Unfortunately, despite the benefits they have, the threats posed by using these technologies always seems to be on the increase with malicious individuals developing different technological developments which they use to infringe into the lives of other people.

At times, the malicious individuals often use these concepts to defraud other individuals, threaten them, bully them and at times exploit their human weaknesses. The movie Blackhat released on 2015 is one such film, which looks at the human life interactions with the cyber technologies while showing the threats and the aspects that malicious individuals may exploit.

Issues Raised in the Movie and Their Effects

††††††††††† An individual who may have interacted with the different technologies and the respective threats can easily relate to some of the areas that hackers often rely on to exploit the vulnerability of either the hardware or the software. In the Movie, Hathaway a hacker and a starring interacts with the various government officials in a bid to resolve the crime.

[blur] At times, the quest to resolve these concerns leads him to rely on tactics of a hacker to use the different technologies that would lead him to solve case. The movies shows a very high level of realism not only in the applications of the technologies but also in how human beings would react in such incidences. Some of the ideas that have been relied in the movie are as threaded in this outline. [/blur]


[blur] A malware according to Kshetri (25) †may be defined as an intrusive or hostile software which are often relied on by different individuals to gain access to different systems and features that they would not have otherwise accessed. In the movie, the term malware has been used extensively in the context of a RAT (remote access Trojan) that gains access and controls the different aspects of a system just as an administer would. [/blur]

[blur] At first, it controls the cooling systems of a power plant leading to an overheat, the same RAT is also used to influence the pricing structure of the stock market leading Sadak to make huge returns on investment that were internally influence by overpricing an already purchased stock through plummeting stock prices. The malware used was a code developed by Hathaway and Chen while they were still in campus and has been relied on by Sadak the malicious individual who uses the Trojan to access to the different systems. He modified the code, which is a typical task of most coders who may rely on the different feature of the codes to enable it to function and undertake different roles as they may suppose (Von and Johan 97). [/blur]

Social Engineering

[blur] Social engineering has been extensively relied upon in the movie to comprehend the mental state of the criminals and the individuals that are in the movie. Hathaway has been noted to be very observant looking for clues and trying to understand how different individuals would think and how they would try to outsmart other people. [/blur]

[blur] He often moves to different places around the world looking out for clues in the crime scenes and this sets him a step ahead to botching a crime that would have occurred. At some point in the movie, he is shown to hack into the NSA systems by simply sending a malware that enables NSA employee Ben Hitchens to download a key logger unaware that he is doing so. Benís actions lead him to reveal his computer password, which allows Hathaway log into the NSA system. [/blur]

Corporate Espionage

[blur] In todayís world, governments and other institutions have also extensively relied upon corporate espionage as a way of reviewing their techniques and the activities they may be undertaking. In the Movie, both the FBI and the NSA have been keen to monitor different activities around the globe. [/blur]

[blur] The movie reveals that these institutions have a special software called the Black widow, which is capable of refragramenting data that was previously defragmented. The software builds onto patches making unreadable data to be easily comprehensive. Barrett an FBI agent in the movie clarifies that the software is used in many occasions especially for largescale cases to unearth data (Sirohi 60). [/blur]

Authorised Monitoring and Access

[blur] Gaining access into the systems without having the right to do so has always been the order of the day for hackers as Kshetri (25) reveals. They often rely on different techniques such as the malware as witnessed and others techniques such as manually login into the system through use of flash drives that may be used on computer interfaces. In the movie, this idea has been well elaborated when Chenís Sister takes a flash drive to a bank assistant leading to the loss hacking of the back and transfer of money. [/blur]

The movies makes it clear that in the human day today activities, hacking may occur with one being unaware since the hackers focus more on our actions and rely on them to gain access. Individuals such as Sirohi (120) have also elaborated that the vulnerability of the system is always possible since individuals may not be aware of the activities that may be taking place and they may facilitate the occurrence of a crime.


[blur] In my own view, the writers of the movies have considered to integrate different aspects that allow one to tag the movie as being realistic. They have often used terms that relate to the IT and computing field often referring to the different professionals such as network engineerís coders and system analysts. In this way, one can easily tell that the field of computing is broad and that there are different functions that are played by the different individuals. The movie also makes it clear that hacking does not simply rely on the knowledge of software but also on the knowledge of the hardware. [/blur]

[blur] Another feature that the movies has relied on to show a high level of realism is in the raising of computing concepts that are used by hackers often to intrude into the system. In the movie, concepts such as the IP addresses and how they can be used to identify hackers have been clarified showing the need to be aware of the different aspects that are involved whenever an individual is using the system. In the Movie, rerouting of images, funds or videos into different part of the globe seem to be a day today norm that hackers rely on to cover their tracks and to hide any chance of having accessed the system. [/blur]

[blur] Whenever institutions are raising awareness on how to use different aspects of the network such as the computer, they often encourage individuals to avoid the use of flash drives whenever the system is not being used. The advice is often viewed to be a normal idea until the hacking ordeal in the movie proves that whenever IT practioners arouse these concerns they are aware of how individuals may exploit this vulnerability. In my opinion, there is no better way to raise awareness on how the different aspects of the employees may be relied upon to gain access into the organizations systems or their lives. The movies makes it clear that being suspicious should be an order of the day especially with any external devices. [/blur]


Using the different types of computing and IT systems as the movie portrays may be a step ahead to effectiveness. However, there is no one system that can be said to be fault free or inaccessible. All the systems just as Von and Johan (97) had noted are faulty in some way and it is only a matter of time until individual are able to find mistakes into the system.

[blur] The movie also clarifies that aside from the systemic mistakes, the higher level of vulnerability arises from the fault of individuals such employees and such extensive level of awareness need to be done if organizations are to protect their own systems from being vulnerable. The movie also clarifies that to hackers almost every aspects is important from the use of phones to our behavioral attributes and as such we should all be looking for ways to be aware on how to avoid crime or being victims. [/blur]

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Cyber Movie (Blackhat) Critique

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