Designing a Simple Professional Website

Websites that Help Students with Research Information and Academic Tutoring For Free
Websites that Help Students with Research Information and Academic Tutoring For Free

You are progressing well as a junior web designer for a leading website development firm RavTech Ltd. An opportunity has arisen for you to consult on a project for an organic produce company, known as Gaia. Gaia manage acres of green land where they grow and harvest organic foods. They provide a pick-your-own facility once a year, and run a small farm shop nearby where they sell organic farm products, such as fruits, vegetables and meat. In addition, the public can visit the farm for a small fee. They are now looking to increase their online presence.

They have two objectives:

  1. To design a new website that grows the business.
  2. To raise awareness of the health benefits of organically grown food and environmental sustainability.

The client (Gaia) will use the website to promote their company and the services they offer. The client will also use the website as a point of contact for their customers.   The website should be simple to use and must consider customer experience during the design and development stages. You will design a front-end website using suitable design tools and technologies such as Adobe brackets or sublime text-2, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


You should submit this assignment as a word document (500 words) via moodle/turnitin and must include the following:

  1. Screen shots of the website running on at least two web browsers e.g. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or any other browser for cross browser compatibility
  2. Screen shots of all website pages with working links
  3. Screen shots of HTML & CSS validation including steps taken to remove any errors. (Hint: you could use https://validator.w3.org/ for HTML validation and https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ for CSS validation)
  4. Deployment:  Setting up a WAMP/XAMPP server or any free hosting to demonstrate understanding of how to upload files on the internet. Screenshot evidence is required to demonstrate successful installation of WAMP/XAMPP server for web hosting.

Evaluation Criteria

Functionality Deliverables
User Interface A simple yet professional looking interface and system to link the pages (minimum four pages). The site should display a welcome message for customers and a brief background about the company.
Use of pictures and Tables Users should be able to view pictures of services offered and business hours should also be displayed in table form
Customer data A system for receiving queries from customers
Innovation (e.g. use of Google Map etc.). Contact area (preferably address map pulled from Google Maps, or similar).
Use of Audio/Visual Display The use of HTML elements to embed a visual/audio object within the webpage to draw customersí attention to the latest company news
Browser Compatibility Show evidence of cross-browser compatibility (at least 2 major browsers e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) for browser optimisation. Perform HTML/CSS validation and steps taken to remove errors.
Deployment Successful installation of XAMPP or WAMP and evidence of deploying and running the website from local server.

View the video, How Do Designers Work?
USING URL ADDRESS: How Do Designers Work? - Relationship of the client and end user

Compare the relationship of the client and end user of the company used in uploaded assignment 1.6 with the information contained in this video.
Based on the information in the video, explain the importance of sustainability appliance industry from assignment Your initial response should be 150 to 200 words in length.

Designing a Simple Professional Website

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