Analyze the Network With The Determination Of How To Secure The Network

Secure The Network
Secure The Network

You recently joined a small company of less than 50 employees to help design and build a network infrastructure. Your boss (who is the owner of the company) is aware of many reports of network security incidents in the media and would like to know how you plan to make the network secure.
Being a network professional conversant with OSI layering model, you are inclined to think about each measure in such framework as well (e.g., is it layer 1, 2, 3, 4, or the upper layer?).
Create a summary result 2 paragraph summary with a 1-page Action Plan table using Microsoft Word outlining your plan to analyze the network with the determination of how to secure the network. Include your thought process in each step.

Securing the Network of a Small Company

In securing the network of a small company, the major task would be to identify all the gadgets that are on the system and to rely on the understanding of the OSI model to develop a plan on how to tackle all the devices that are used on the work. On each device, the plan outlines some of the requirements that should be set in place for the devices that would be used in a setting of a small network (Nelson, Phillips & Steuart, 2014).

There are Other Columns and Rows of a Table that highlights the issues to consider in securing the network of a such a company


In my analysis, I have identified each of the main devices that are used in such a network, analyzed their functions, and identified the direct areas that may set the organization to be vulnerable. I have developed this plan to improve my response to any issue that is likely to arise on these devices (Ali, 2015)


Ali, S. T., Sivaraman, V., Radford, A., & Jha, S. (2015). A survey of securing networks using software defined networking. IEEE transactions on reliability, 64(3), 1086-1097.

Nelson, B., Phillips, A., & Steuart, C. (2014). Guide to computer forensics and investigations. Cengage Learning.

Analyze the Network With The Determination Of How To Secure The Network

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