Identifying Describing Educational Problem - Hand Hygiene Simulation Vs Hand Hygiene Simulation


You begin your Capstone Project proposal in this assignment by identifying and describing an educational problem or issue.

How do staff nurses who participated in hand hygiene simulation versus no hand hygiene simulation show improve knowledge and their ability to demonstrate appropriate hand washing methods to decrease the rates of foley catheter acquired infections?

1. Use the NR621 Capstone Project paper template, available in Course Resources. This template will be used for the Introduction, Synthesis of Literature, and Intervention/Evaluation Plan papers in NR621 and will result in a proposal by the end of Week 4.
2. The following information should be included.
a. Description of the problem
i. Evidence related to the problem, including statistics if appropriate
ii. Real or potential impact of the issue on learners or organizations
b. Educational or organizational intervention proposed, leading to the PICOT question
c. Applicable theory or model
d. Summary, including purpose of the paper and what it will include
3. The paper should be one to two pages long, plus reference page. This is an estimate to guide you and not a strict requirement. The goal is for you to end up with a 15-page document suitable for publication when you have finished your Capstone Project in NR622.


By the beginning of NR621, you should have already identified an educational issue and accumulated several references that will help you develop the introduction to your Capstone Project paper. Work with your mentor and instructor to finalize your PICOT question and use the NR621 Capstone Project paper template. Impeccable APA formatting is expected since submission for publication is the goal.

Identifying Describing Educational Problem - Hand Hygiene Simulation Vs Hand Hygiene Simulation

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