Analysis of Five Games Individually

?Please analyze 5 different video games individually(No compare and contrast) and briefly answer the following questions for each one of them.
(1 paragraph for each one of them, 5 paragraphs for total.)
(5 different video games are angry birds, gluttonous snake, GTA5, 2k18, and call of duty)

What type of game is it? Is designed for console, pc, phone, tablet, etc.?
 Is the game designed to be a multiplayer platform as part of a larger community online or is it mainly individual?
Was there a particular reason or aspect that made that game extremely enjoyable to you? If so, what was it? And vice versa, were there any negative elements to the game that you didnít particularly enjoy? Try to give a bit of detail and examples to back up your opinion.
Is/was the game one of the more popular games when it came out (or is it still popular) or was it a lesser-known game? Did/does the game still enjoy a cult following in the gaming community today?
Finally, try to describe how you would analyze that game from a media and cultural studies perspective. For example, try to analyze and consider if there are any stereotypes or tropes in the game relating to gender, race, propaganda, ideology, etc. (I am not expecting a detailed analysis here. I am just trying to get everyone to start thinking critically about video games from an academic mindset in preparation for their final paper/project.)

Analysis of Five Games Individually

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