Joyce’s Prolonged Recovery-Time In Terms Of Wound Healing

Examining Of Initiatives Related To the Health Issue Analysis
Examining Of Initiatives Related To the Health Issue Analysis

Case Study A: Joyce Joyce is a 77-year-old female residing within a nursing home on the Sunshine Coast. Having previously worked as an office administrator for almost 50 years, her mobility is now significantly impaired, meaning she spends most of hertime inside the home and requires help just to complete simple tasks such as showering. She has previously suffered from falls and fractures and takes time to recover – this was the primary reason behind herson, Matthew,suggesting a move to residential care.

1. Interpret Joyce’s prolonged recovery-time in terms of wound healing. Be sure to include reference to the effects of aging on

i. the structural integrity of the skin, and ii. the process of wound healing with regards to skin damage.

2. Joyce is currently prescribed several different medications, many of which list diarrhoea or constipation as potential adverse-effects.

i. Using your knowledge of the structure and function of the digestive system, clearly explain how such drugs can cause these unwanted adverse-effects.

ii. Detail potential dietary-changes-that Joyce could take to help relieve constipation.

3. Unfortunately Joyce has recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

i. Describe to Joyce’s son Matthew what this diagnosis means for Joyce in terms of her skeletal health.

ii. Discuss three (3) factors which may have contributed to Joyce developing this condition.

4. It has been suggested that Joyce’s nursing home provide her with a Vitamin D supplement, in addition to increasing her daily dietary calcium intake. Critique this suggestion with explicit consideration of Joyce’s case, applying your knowledge of the above systems.

1. Demonstrated understanding and application of concepts in anatomy and physiology relevant to the chosen case study. Exceptionally skillfully and accurately explains the normal anatomical structures and their related physiological functions of the human body relevant to the Case Study

2Demonstrated ability to integrate multiple body systems to overall physiology and pathophysiology, and apply concepts to the chosen case study.Comprehensive explanation of how interactions between multiple body systems is achieved, with thorough application of concepts relevant to the chosen Case Study

3. Clearly conveys scientific information, tailoring style for case study where appropriate . Clearly, concisely and coherently explores links between basic and complex scientific concepts; understanding evident in highly-logical explanations; novel consideration of target audience where appropriate.

4. Adherence to conventions of academic writing and referencing according to Harvard style. Adherence to word limit. Expertly applies an extensive range of recent, applicable scholarly reference material. Referencing is accurate and meets Harvard requirements.

Important key points

Description : The goals of this work are to:

Demonstrate your knowledge of the Anatomy and Physiology of the Integumentary, Digestive, Muscular and Skeletal body systems;

Describe the complex interactions between these body systems to maintain health, well-being and homeostasis for the individual in your chosen scenario. Instructions - In this task, you will provide a written response to a case study.

Joyce’s Prolonged Recovery-Time In Terms Of Wound Healing

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