Lumetís chapter on Art Direction

What insights did you gain reading Lumetís chapter on Art Direction?

Describe and discuss the role Art Direction plays as asserted by Lumet. Is his discussion of Art Direction different from what you thought Art Direction is should be?

How does Art Direction serve the story?

Expound upon/Discuss this particular passage:

"These elements sound small, but they add up. They're a necessary part of the unity each production demands. Color is highly subjective. Blue or red may mean totally different things to you and me. But as long as my interpretation of a color is consistent, eventually you'll become aware... of how I'm using that color and what I'm using it for."

Please cite your text/book. Include short quotations to clarify and support your thoughts. Please respond to all four discussion points. 1- 2 pages maximum

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[blur] The chapter ďArt DirectionĒ talks about Tony Walton an art director who had admirable skill and expertise in his work[1]. The chapter helped me to understand that for one to be a director of art, he or she needs to be brilliant and have a good mastery of the craft. I was also able to learn that the clothing department contributes a lot in moulding actors to achieve the desired character and contribute to the overall success of the film. The film director as well as the clothing department plays a significant role in making the film output successful. [/blur]

[blur] Art direction involves overseeing the work of the artists and designers as well as other people involved in developing an art project such as movie creation. Art directors are the chief determiners of the tone and style of the actors. They are also involved in articulating the work and contribution of all participants such as graphic designers, script writers, camera personnel, producers and the actors. Art direction involves collaborative work with all the art project players where the film director is overall supervisor. This does not deviate from my conceptualization of the roles of art direction. My understanding is that, the director is the overall supervisor of all activities involved in the art project.† [/blur]

††††††††††† [blur] Art direction ensures that the story clearly portrays the script for the project and achieves the overall objective of the art in the most effective way possible. It ensures that the theme of the story clearly developed and coordinates with the visual effects of the film. For instance, Lumet and Rosenberg in the film direct took part in identifying the right color for the film Daniel. He argues that ďblue would have hurt us in the scenes with parentsĒ[2]. [/blur]

††††††††††† [blur] The main argument of the passage is that in art direction has multiple concepts, some of which may be overlooked but are highly significant for the whole process. The passage further argues that consistency in interpretation of some minor aspects such as color form the overall picture of how such element should be inferred. [/blur]

[1] Lumet, Sidney. Making movies. (New York: Vintage eBooks, 2010). 95

[2] Lumet, 99.

Lumetís chapter on Art Direction

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