Film Analysis-The Movie Black Hat

††††††††††† [blur] The movie black hat is a science fiction drama and action movie whose story is based on hackers using their skills to manipulate different aspects of the economy such as inflating market prices in the stock market. In resolving the crime, the FBI finds hackers with skills to assist them in conducting investigations. The goal of the film is set to highlight that in as far as malicious individuals can use technology to satisfy their individual interest, they may not always succeed in their endeavor. [/blur]

††††††††††† [blur] The movie has accomplished this goal by allowing the main characters to outdo these criminals. In the film, the criminals may have succeeded, but their success is short lived as the protagonists manage to find their loopholes and resolve the crime. The movie has succeeded in accomplishing this since as it closes the mastermind of the crime dies. [/blur]

††††††††††† [blur] The primary conflicts in the movie are based on the fact that the main protagonist seeks freedom after being arrested for hacking institutions. The antagonist seeks to control the economic market and to do this he is willing to go to all the extremes even if it means people dying. [/blur]

††††††††††† [blur] These two sides of the characters give one the impression that the stronger character and the most efficient one in using technology will be the successful. The plot plays out well in favor of the antagonist who initially seems to have thought out the whole event, but the protagonist knows how to play along with the rules and is as efficient in choosing when to break the law. [/blur]

††††††††††† [blur] The setting of the movie begins in a prison cell where the protagonist seems to be having an awful life. One gets the idea that he is transformed and is willing to pay for his offenses. Other scenes that follow give one the idea that the movie relies on much more than just the episode of the plot, but also on the character. The antagonist seems to be hidden and camouflaged to hide his identity, and in order to resolve the crime the protagonist has to get in his mind to resolve this mystery. [/blur]

The editing seemed to have complemented all the other aspects since it would display different times of the day, different scenes, to enhance focus on the characters and harmonize the actions of the plot to reality. One can easily associate to some of the actions that have been incorporated in the movie including the setting of the scenes. [/blur]

††††††††††† [blur] The music has been used sparingly, but has been well chosen depending on the scene and the background actions of the characters. This heightens tension allowing one to understand the events that are taking place in the movie. Another feature that is in line with music is the Tone. The tone of the characters is focused on showing their identity. For example, one can tell that the Chinese brother and sisterís tone of English is not native; rather it is a second language. [/blur]

[blur] The choice of characters also seemed to be another interesting aspect that features the success of the movie. Each of the characters seemed well versed in their areas of specialization, which is how the movie manages to communicate to the viewer. The costume that the characters adorn is also in line with the different scenes. All the government officials portrayed in the movies choose official dressing while most of the hackers opt for casual clothing. [/blur]

††††††††††† [blur] The story prompts my thoughts on the use of modern technology and how in this particular movie it has been relied upon to create awareness on how malicious individual would use technology to attack systems. [/blur]

Film Analysis-The Movie Black Hat

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