Impact of Internet Telephony in Your Life, Your Social Views, Political And Ethical Issues

Please discuss how Internet Telephony (VoIP) has impacted your life and your views of any social, ethical, and political issues involved in the application of this technology

Sample Essay on the Impact of Internet Telephony

Applications of Internet Telephony (VoIP)

Internet telephony has positively impacted my life through lowering the general cost of communication over telephony. The fact that access to internet is readily available the overall cost of telephony services supported by VoIP is minimized. The cost of telephony services over long distances and especially cross-border communication is minimized. Through VoIP support, I can efficiently communicate to my friends and family living in different states at a relatively low cost compared to what would have been charged by traditional telephony services. Additionally, internet telephony makes use of data compression technology which compresses the voice signal and reduces the amount of bandwidth used.

[blur] Reduction of the bandwidth of the voice call makes it cheaper both to the caller and the receiver[1]. I also find that internet telephony is able to provide real time communication with an individual who is far away probably in another state or country. Conventional telephony services used switchboards to redirect the message to the intended receiver which compromised real time communication. With the VoIP, the internet relays the message directly to the receiver in real time. I feel that VoIP has also improved the quality of my life through providing a reliable channel of communication that allows transfer of voice and data over the same network in a cost effective manner. [/blur]

[blur] The use of VoIP services results to several social, ethical and political issues. Under the social concerns, I feel that all VoIP technology service providers should support enhanced emergency numbers similar to what is done the traditional telephony services. Since VoIP uses more advanced communication technology, the emergency services should be able to identify the caller and his location for a faster response. Although some countries and states have done this, I feel that some are yet to implement this application and apparently disadvantages the users. Another social issue I am concerned about is the social security threats posed by the VoIP. [/blur]

[blur] These threats may be grouped into different categories. Such includes attacks that disable availability of the communication service, breach of confidentiality by third party applications, and alteration of information by third party. There have not been developed a sufficient system firewalls that are able to protect the VoIP from the threats[2]. The providers of VoIP services should consider investing more time and resources towards ensuring that VoIP are free from current threats. [/blur]

[blur] Application VoIP technology also attracts various ethical concerns. My main concern is privacy and confidentiality of information. The service providers definitely have access to the identity of the conversing parties and have the ability to access the message being relayed if they want to. Connectively, the provider is involved in constant monitoring of the communications in the network and may liaise with government in disclose message contents of particular people of interest leading to privacy and confidentiality breach. This raises an ethical question on the integrity of services provided by the VoIP service providers[3]. [/blur]

[blur] I feel that service providers should maintain high degree of confidentiality on the identity of the users and messages relayed on the network. The main political issue in VoIP that I am concerned about is the integration of regulation approaches among different nations to facilitate smooth international communication among users. It is apparent that different nations use different approaches to regulate VoIP services. The difference in the regulation frameworks hence limits integration of VoIP services across different nations. For instance, the U.K. and the U.S. had to harmonize their regulations over VoIP services to facilitate faster and cost effective internet telephony. [/blur]

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Impact of Internet Telephony in Your Life, Your Social Views, Political And Ethical Issues

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