Proposal To Design a Real Time Cloud-based Attendance System

An attendance system allows to add the attendance of the employee who is present on that day. The user has to login and swipe their identity card to mark their attendance. As the card has been swiped, the details like id number, date, in-time, out-time are saved in the database. The database will be stored into the AWS cloud which will form a connection between application and cloud server via internet.

You should follow the instruction that I post to write a proposal to describe the cloud-based attendance system. Talk about the statement of problems, System Design/Architecture, etc. All the content should be on the materials that I give. Please contact me if you have any problems.

The Structure of the Paper

1. Title: This includes the title of your project, group members, roles and responsibilities.

2. Statement of the problem: What are you going to do? Why are you trying to this?

3. System Design/Architecture: You can list the hardware you needed here and describe the systemís architecture.

4. Functionality Overview:

a. Basic functionality: should be demoed in the middle update presentation

b. Expected functionality: should be demoed in the final presentation

5. Project Schedule: A Gantt chart here would be really nice

6. References:

Proposal To Design a Real Time Cloud-based Attendance System

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