Exploring American Histories - Compare And Contrast The Role Of Religion In The Founding Of Spanish And English Colonies

Paper instructions:†Review and identify the relevant sections of chapter 3 and 5 that address this topic , and support your discussion. After you completed your reading, post your answer to this following question.

Explain why African slavery took root in the North American colonies.Make sure that all statements are supported with factors from the reading.

Book: Exploring American Histories, Third Edition
Answer TWO of the five essay questions below. Each essay should be 500 words in length.

1. Compare and contrast the role of religion in the founding of Spanish and English colonies. Consider the role religion played for the Spanish- how important was it? Compare or contrast that with the role of religion in the founding of the English colonies. Keep in mind that the English colonies were settled for a wide variety of reasons. Rather than try to generalize about all of them, pick relevant examples to explain.†

2. How did African slavery come to replace indentured servitude as the primary form of labor in the colonial world, particularly in the South? Your explanation of this process should address the reasons masters stopped wanting indentured servants and the reasons they started to use African slaves instead.

3. Compare/Contrast. How did interactions with Native Americans influence life in the American colonies? You may choose examples form any time period covered up to this point, but make sure to include at least three specific examples in your answer.†

4. How did the American colonies become unified in their responses to British imperial authority by 1776?This essay should explain the process by which the colonies increasingly began to act together. Trace the series of events or movements in chronological order. How did they come to share a set of values about political engagement? How did they come to perceive that they had shared grievances with the British empire and how did they come to work together to achieve a solution?†

5. What social, political, and economic changes were sparked by the American Revolution? Provide examples that illustrate changes in the social, political, or economic status of women, free and enslaved African Americans, Native Americans, farmers, landless men, veterans of the war, or any other groups you would like to discuss. You may also discuss the new economic ideas that Americans embraced or the newly-formed government and the specific ways that it differed from British rule.
To be considered for full points, each essay should:
Be typed in 12 point font, double-spacedBe typed in Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri fontMeet the 500 word minimum word countDirectly answer the essay promptAccurately cite sources with MLA parenthetical citations in-textUtilize more than one chapter as a source (to achieve this, cite from another chapter, from a primary source, or from an additional reading or video assigned in the weekly Modules)

Exploring American Histories - Compare And Contrast The Role Of Religion In The Founding Of Spanish And English Colonies

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