Management Decision Framework Wheel

Let’s get started by asking “Who’s on first?”
The Management Decision Wheel is a valuable tool for formalizing a consistent and effective decision-making process. The wheel enables you to take your first step toward bringing together the “what,” “how,” and “who” of the framework for your informed decision-making course project. A well-prepared wheel may also serve as an extended outline for developing the Assignment due at the end of this week.
To prepare for this Discussion, complete the Management Decision Framework Wheel activity sheet. Review the handout for how to conceptualize an ethical decision framework by completing the management decision framework wheel.

Activity Sheet:
Management Decision Framework Wheel

Directions: Start by stating the management problem or opportunity in the hub of the wheel. Next, move one by one through the nine elements of your management decision framework. Provide a brief summary (with cited support) of the thinking skills that will assist with creating an ethical decision-making environment.

For each segment, provide citations and literature to support your choices.

1.    Describe and define your problem and opportunity.

2.    What are the key decisions you need to consider given the problem?

3.    What are the outcomes and potential consequences of the decisions you may need to make?

4.    Who are the key stakeholders? What are their needs with respect to the problem and/or opportunity?

5.    What do you have to consider when looking at stakeholder competing and interest’s rights regarding the problem or opportunity? What does the literature say needs to be considered, and how will you incorporate that into my project?

6.    What are the potential ethical dilemmas related to the problem or opportunity you have selected? What does the literature say needs to be considered related to dealing with ethical decisions?

7.    Who are the decision makers that you need to include? What does the literature say about dealing with those who need to buy into the decisions being made?

8.    Who is accountable for making the final decision? What does the literature say about decision accountability?

9.    What criteria should be considered for assessing the ethical frame work for the decision?  What does the literature say should be considered when assessing ethical decisions?

Management Decision Framework Wheel

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