Personal Health-Field Trip Ideas

HE 100:  Personal Health Field Trip Ideas

Field Trip One:   Personal Fitness

 o   WSU Wellness Center

o   Jewish Community Center

o   YMCA

o   YWCA

o   Fitness Facilities

o   Health Clubs

o   Personal Trainers

 Field Trip Two:  Reproductive & Sexual Health

Field Trip Three:  Addiction/Substance Abuse

* Other ideas are welcome and should be approved by instructor.

HE 100:  Personal Health

Field Trip Guidelines

  Introduce yourself properly when calling anyone related to field trip assignments

  Call to make an appointment (if necessary)

  Thank them for their time.

  You must complete one report on each Field Trip for a total of 3 reports/3 separate assignments (please refer to our syllabus for due dates) using the Field Trip Report Guidelines.

  You can do Field Trips together with your classmates but each student must submit their own reports (one per field trip).

Field Trip Reports

1.      Reports must be at least two full typed pages, no more than four pages, double spaced, with one inch margins, using a 12 point font.

2.      Reports must include the following information: Full Name, Course Title & Section, Date Submitted and Field Trip Topic

3. Reports must include a description of the place/program/group and answers to at least six of the following questions:

Field trip questions

  What did you observe?

  Who was there?

  Were you surprised?

  What did you learn?

  Who did you speak with?

  What information did you receive?

  Did your experience meet your expectation?

  Would you utilize/attend this service/program/group again?

  How would you describe the atmosphere?

Personal Health-Field Trip Ideas

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