Project Management - Organizational Culture

Chapter 1

1) What is project management? Why is this an important topic to anyone seeking to be in management?

2) How do you define project success and why?

3) Name the ten project management knowledge areas and briefly summarize each.

Chapter 2

4) How might the internal and external parts of a SWOT analysis affect one another?

5) What is the best way for an organization to prioritize among selected projects?  Does it vary among organizations?

 6) Pretend you are the leadership team for a pharmaceutical company that is in a difficult financial situation due to patents that have expired on two of your most profitable drugs. Develop a list of criteria by which you would select and prioritize projects. Weight each criteria based on importance.

Chapter 3

7) Identify each of the four organizational culture types with respect to power and briefly describe what the strongest motivator for each type is. Which one do you prefer/like and explain why?

9) What are risks, and why is it important to identify them in the project charter?

20) Describe “slack” and how you can use slack to your advantage in managing a project.

27) In 1-page response, explain what you hope to get out this course in reference to improving your future class projects or activities you currently do at work. Describe how understanding Project Management (both the general methodology used in Project Management as well as the tactical side of schedules, resource management, etc.) is important to those working within organizations.

Project Management - Organizational Culture

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