Customer Service - Division of an Insurance Broking Organisation

Assignment 2

Provide a brief context for an insurance broking organisation, or a division of an insurance broking organisation, with which you are familiar.

For this insurance broking organisation or division of an insurance broking organisation:

Identify two key operational activities  that influence  client loyalty.

Explain two significant  challenges encountered by employees for each of these key operational activities.

Analyse, based on your explanation, how employees address each of the four significant  challenges.

Make recommendations, based on your analysis, to enhance the employees' influence  on client loyalty.

Read the Specimen  coursework assignment and answer  for this unit, available on RevisionMate.

Read the assignments carefully and ensure you answer all parts  of the assignments.

You are encouraged to choose a context that is based on a real organisation or a division of an organisation.

For assignments relating to regulation and law, knowledge of the UK regulatory framework is appropriate. However, marks can be awarded for non-UK examples if they are more relevant  to your context.

There is no minimum word requirement, but an answer with fewer than 2,800 words may be insufficiently comprehensive.

Customer Service - Division of an Insurance Broking Organisation

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