Data Analysis for Accounting

Paper instructions:
Writing Project and Presentation
You will be using a number of software tools to analyze data that you find on https://www.data.gov/
Course objectives covered:1-5
This project is split into four (4) parts with one (1) part due each week of the course. Based on your readings, use of software, current literature, and other sources do the following:
Download one data set from https://www.data.gov/ under either the finance or education category on the main page.
Analyze the data using Excel, IDEA, and Tableau to identify any trends and/or areas of concern you see with this data.
Based on your analysis, determine risks and controls associated with this data and the impact on decision making.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation including a flowchart using Lucidchart, discussing a summary of what you found based on your analysis
Writing Activity:
At least 2 scholarly sources (total) must be used in this report Credible Sources Please.
All written documents and sources used are to be submitted in APA format (use the writing center if needed) APA Formatting & Style Guide_2_.pdf
Technology/Collaborative Activity:
You will be presenting and discussing your findings to the class using KU Live.Please be sure the audio is clear and the visual material is being displayed correctly during your presentation.
You will be using Excel, IDEA, and Tableau to analyze the data.
You will be using Lucidchart to prepare a flowchart.
Assignment Due Date Schedule:
Week 1:Already Done and Provided

What needs to be done:
Week 2:Submit a 3 page report (including exhibits) analyzing the data set in both Excel and Tableau. Present your findings based on your analysis as to any trends or areas of concern.
For example, if you analyzed the tuition data by putting it into an Excel pivot table and summarizing it by state, you may determine that Georgia has the highest increase in tuition costs over the last 10 years, twice that of Florida.So you may say based on that analysis the colleges in Florida should market to students in Georgia as a less expensive way to obtain their education.Then run some other type of analysis on the data using Tableau to produce a chart showing all tuition costs by year by private vs public college and again report the results based on how you think they will impact decision making.

Data Analysis for Accounting

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