Evaluation of the Portfolio

Evaluation of the portfolio is based on completeness, adherence to the criteria, and depth of ideas and originality of answers.
The length of the paper is not correlated with the grade the paper earns. For instance, a longer paper will not necessarily result in a higher grade.

The student who submits a well written, succinct paper adequately covering all the required areas will earn a higher grade than the student who submits a rambling, incoherent paper which does not contain the required content.

For this assignment each student will prepare a professional portfolio. The purpose of this assignment is for to you use reflection as an educational tool to make connections among the schoolís educational framework, program objectives, SCHOOL OF NURSING PROGRAM OBJECTIVES , assignments, personal experiences, and the AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Education.

Through a completed portfolio you will be able to document your progress toward achievement of the programís objectives. You will also provide information about the end of program outcomes in relation to those identified in The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education published by AACN.

The School of Nursing Program Objectives and Essentials of Baccalaureate Education are found in the University of North Florida, Brooks College of Health, School of Nursing, Student Handbook on the BSN and the RN-BSN Blackboard sites. The Essentials can also be found on the homepage for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing at

In your own words: Using the 8 Program Objectives (See UNF Nursing Student Handbook) as the outline.

Identify the objective, considering the reason for having the objective within the framework of the nursing program. Do not use the objective as a heading; rather integrate the program objective into your narrative. Use scholarly literature (theoretical and evidence-based journal articles) with appropriate citations to substantiate points made in your discussion of the objective.

Direct quotations are not to be used in this portfolio.

We have to write about each of these objectives listed below: while utilizing the pdf document above/attached.
There is an example of objective 4 located as an attachment.

2.Synthesize knowledge from nursing, the natural and social sciences, mathematics and the humanities as the basis for providing culturally competent care within a diverse society.

3.Use critical thinking skills through the nursing process, working in collaborative partnerships to protect, promote and optimize health for individuals, families and communities throughout the lifespan in a variety of environments of practice.

4.Demonstrate leadership and management skills to work productively within interprofessional teams to enhance quality improvement processes and improve outcomes in various healthcare settings.

5.Evaluate and integrate scientific findings into evidence-based professional nursing practice.

6.Demonstrate professional values in all collaborative partnerships to foster advocacy and professional accountability.

7.Incorporate into practice professional nursing standards, effective written and verbal communication skills, and the use of information management and care technology systems.

8.Establish goals for future personal and professional growth through commitment to lifelong learning. Include scholarly
literature regarding why life-long learning is important.

Evaluation of the Portfolio

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