Review Of Bullying In Middle Childhood

 No Bully Zone! An in-depth review of bullying in middle childhood  
Utilizing Eric H. Erikson's psychosocial theory please discuss the negative effects of bullying in relation to the resolution of the psychosocial crisis of Industry versus inferiority. Please provide within the conclusion,how social work practice could reduce bullying.

This assignment requires the student to demonstrate mastery with the scholarly literature related to an issue of human development. Each student will select a human developmental issue and one or more of the developmental theories presented in this course (Psychosocial Theory, Social Learning Theory, Social Role Theory).This signature assignment requires the student to demonstrate the ability to critically analyze the utility of selected theoretical concepts to a common problem or protective factor during a specific developmental period for a specific population/sub-group.Students are required to examine critically current and provocative literature in ways that reflect multiple and perhaps conflicting perspectives. The paper should be 10-12 pages in length. Please use a minimum of ten (10) references beyond the class textbook; seventy-five percent (75%) of the references must range between 2007 2018.

This signature assignment will reflect: (1) how well students demonstrated an understanding of and ability to comprehensively integrate course content, (2) the quality of critical analysis, and (3) whether or not all specified requirements were met.

 All written work should follow these formatting guidelines:--double-spaced Times New Roman,--12 pt. font one-inch margins all around--within page limits as specified on the prompt--APA-style in-text references

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Development through life a psychosocial approach 13th edition

Review Of Bullying In Middle Childhood

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