Environmental sustainability - Sustainability models and strategies

In the face of scarce resources, climate change, and population explosion, businesses, governments, and organizations are all realizing the interconnection of the various systems in which they operate and the impact those systems have on global, environmental sustainability. As a business professional, the decisions that you make on behalf of your organization will directly affect these critical issues and the future needs of society.

To prepare for this Discussion, consider the various sustainability definitions and archetypes, as well as sustainability models and strategies from this week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly literature of your choosing.

Post an assessment of your organization’s level of positive social impact (i.e., responsibility) based on the definition of sustainability and the Learning Resources. If you currently have no affiliation with an organization, assess an organization with which you are familiar or have worked for in the past. In your assessment, be sure to:

• Identify some limits to growth by social, environmental, and economic entities and discuss their consequences for your organization or an organization with which you are familiar.

• Synthesize the relationship between social networks and ecological and business systems and discuss the implications for addressing sustainability issues in your organization.

• If you had to present your assessment of your organization’s social impact (i.e., responsibility) to a group of key stakeholders, how would you organize your presentation and what techniques for presenting would you employ? Think about a professional presentation that was particularly effective or that spurred several questions.

What strategies would you implement to receive and address critical feedback? Share any lessons learned from prior work, life, or seminar presentations that would help you effectively present your assessment and gain buy-in for improving or enhancing sustainability.

Environmental sustainability - Sustainability models and strategies

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