Food and Shelter - Human beings have a predictable hierarchy of needs

Agency Resources: Food and Shelter
According to Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" human beings have a predictable hierarchy of needs. Individuals and families must have food, shelter, and clothing in order to progress toward other need. A community safety-net must include the basic human needs. maslow 2.jpgYou will identify the agencies that help with the following basic needs.

The paper should be written in APA writing style. Rent
Travelers Assistance
Housing (short or long-term)

San Antonio Texas just to give you a reference where I live .... However the instructions continue below....,,,
Who provides assistance in the area
For each of the five (5) areas listed above, you will provide 1 resource that provides aid in that area. It could be a city, state, federal, faith-based or non-profit agency/organization.

You will contact the chosen agency/organization (be sure to share that personís name, title and contact information).

Provide an overview of the agency
Provide any and all information that would be pertinent in making a referral to this agency/organization

What are the qualifications for services
Where does their funding come from?

Agency Community Relationships
Where does the agency get most of their referrals from?
What agency do they have the closet outside referral relationship ship? (Who do they refer clients too when they need resources they donít have and/or have limited resources)

Food and Shelter - Human beings have a predictable hierarchy of needs

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