Healthy Cities movement - Contribution to Public Health

Assignment Instruction


         A single paragraph of about 200 words maximum that is a summary of your article covering your main point/s from each section in a succinct way. This should summarise the entire article's main discussion points and indicate the main conclusions or interpretations (it is not an introduction to the article). Ideally it will inspire the reader to continue on to the full article. Include a 'so what?' - why is this article important for the reader?



         Define the Healthy Cities movement

         Identify and define any relevant terms (i.e. socio-ecological model of health, ecology, urban planning, environmental justice)

         How does the movement intersect with public health, social determinants of health and/or equity concerns?

         Include an aim for your article (what is the overall purpose? What will the reader get out of reading it?)

         Approximately 750 words

Healthy Cities Movement (Use your own 2-3 headings for this section)

         How did the Healthy Cities movement come about? What are its origins?

         What are the social/ecological/political issues that it is responding to or attempting to grapple with?

         What are its aims and how does it propose to achieve them?

         Approximately 1500 words

Contribution to Public Health

         What contribution has the movement made to public health, social determinants of health and/or equity?

         Approximately 500 words

Conclusion and any recommendation/s

         Summarise your main points

         Articulate any recommendations for public health practitioners that arise from your discussion above

         Approximately 250 words

Try and think of an interesting title for your article that will entice the reader.

It is expected that your article will have up to a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed references (or published reports from reputable organisations and health promotion authorities) and a maximum of 30. Use as many references as are necessary to justify the statements that you make. The word limit of 3000 must be strictly adhered to (the abstract word count is not included in this).

Healthy Cities movement - Contribution to Public Health

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