Family Life in Renaissance Italy, Emerging European Civilization, Fall 2019

Primary Source Analysis Paper: Family Life in Renaissance Italy
History 105, Emerging European Civilization, Fall 2019

Write a 3-4 page typed, double spaced paper analyzing the merchant diaries that discuss marriage and family life found on Canvas.Then you must pick one image and one other primary source from the National Gallery of Art website: http://www.italianrenaissanceresources.com/units/unit-2/.

You may choose any one image and any one primary source from this website that you wish to explore further and draw out comparisons with the merchant diary sources that we all have read together on Canvas.


According to the primary sources (both documents and art/material objects), how did Renaissance Italians view marriage and family in the fifteenth century? What can you learn about marriage and family life from the primary sources and what are the advantages/disadvantages of using these particular sources?

Guidelines for the Paper:
In order to answer this larger question, you should think about the issues discussed in the How to Read a Primary Source handout.Who wrote the document?When or where was it written and why?Who was the audience?What are the biases and perspectives found in the source?How does it reveal certain aspects of the society, culture, and ideas of the time period?

You must develop a thesis (or argument) to answer the question and use evidence from the primary source to prove your points and defend your argument.This can be done by using quotes and/or paraphrasing specific examples from the sources.Then you must cite these sources to give credit to the authors (otherwise it is plagiarism).There is no need for outside research for this paper.

You need to closely analyze the primary source texts assigned on Canvas.Do not bring in any outside sources or websites beyond the one assigned to you and make sure that you use the primary sources not the secondary essays on the website.

The paper is evaluating your ability to read and analyze primary sources.Remember to check spelling and grammar to ensure your paper is well written.Your essay will be assessed according to your ability to demonstrate critical thinking, textual analysis, and clear use of evidence.Please use 12-point font and normal margin sizes.

You may use parenthetical documentation to cite the sources and include a bibliography listing the five primary sources that you chose to use for your paper.
(author, page number)
Ex: (Strozzi, 1) or (Dati, 133)

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about how to cite the sources or if you have any questions about the paper.I am happy to talk with you if you have any questions and am more than happy to look over drafts of the paper.

Family Life in Renaissance Italy, Emerging European Civilization, Fall 2019

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