Strategic Management - Firmsí use of a cooperate strategy

Strategic Management (300 words per section)


You will use the Internet to find two articles describing firmsí use of a cooperate strategy: one where trust is being used as a strategic asset and another where contracts and monitoring are being emphasized. What are the difference between the managerial approaches being used in the two companies? Which of the cooperative strategies has the highest probability of being successful? Why


You will read the popular business press (e.g., Business Week, Fortune, Fast Company), to identify a strategic action and a tactical action taken by firms approximately two years ago. Next, you should use the Internet to search the popular business press to see if and how competitors responded to those actions. Discuss the results with your classmates in the discussion forum.


Given the importance of understanding the external environment, why do some firms fail to do so? What were the implications of the firmsí failure to understand that environment?


What is the definition of competitive strategy, and why is this strategy important to firms in the twenty-first century landscape?


Global strategies are critical to survival in a global market. So, I would like for you to consider what are some global environmental trends affecting the choice of international strategies, particularly international corporate-level strategies?


Throughout this course we have been discussing how ethics is integrated in all strategic management decisions. Now I would like for you to consider and address the following: Are there some industries in which ethical practices are more important than others? Explain how the competitive actions and responses might differ for these industries compared with a typical industry.


I would like for you to select an organization (for example, an employer, a social club, or a nonprofit agency) of which you currently are a member. In your initial post, you should be able to answer the following questions in reference to the organization that you selected. What is this organizationís structure? Is the organization using the structure that is appropriate, given its strategy? If not, what structure should it use?


I would like for you to choose a CEO of a prominent firm that you believe exemplifies the positive aspects of strategic leadership. What actions does this CEO take that demonstrate effective strategic leadership? What are the effects of those actions on the firmís performance? Your initial post should focus on the key components of strategy execution. CEO of choice: Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40 Company

Strategic Management - Firmsí use of a cooperate strategy

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