Vision of a Libertarian Society (with minimal to no government)

500 words on each of these questions. Historical examples necessary. Murray Rothbard outlined his vision of what a libertarian society (with minimal to no government) would look like.

How much government do you believe is necessary for society to function? Is government even truly necessary? In your answer, try to incorporate any readings from the course to help support your answer.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels described a natural progression toward a classless society due to the conditions of workers and their inevitable revolution.

Do you believe that society follows a such a natural progression in this direction or do you reject such an idea? Is a classless society even possible?

Does human progress follow any particular path? Explore each of these questions and explain your answer with relevant examples. n both the Trotsky and Mao readings, the authors write about the idea of a peoples? ?democratic dictatorship.?

This term appears very contradictory, so what do the authors mean by it? How did they envision this governmental system? Finally, how does this idea from Trotsky and Mao differ from the socialist ideology of someone like Bernie Sanders?

Vision of a Libertarian Society (with minimal to no government)

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