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Website of Community Organization

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1.      Review the local organization website and policies (Paragraph format):

a.                   Describe the purpose of the organization

b.††††††††††††††††† Discuss how the organization is addressing COVID-19 relative to policy, the delivery of services and/or educational offerings. How is COVID-19 addressed on the website?

c.                   What information is provided; is it evidence-based?

d.                  What are the organizationís policies and  recommendations?

2.      Assess and describe the following (Paragraph format):

a.                   Website target audience/population: Consider social determinants of health and Demographics

b.                  Note any assets/barriers of audience/population

c.                   What is the primary audience for this website?

d.                  What is the reading level of the content? (health literacy)

e.                   Are there ways for patients with poor visual acuity to access the data?

f.                    Is the information understandable to a lay audience?

3.      Describe the learning strategies and/or content highlights presented. (Bullet format)

a.                   What are three key take-aways from the website?

b.                  What were the main messages that the organization emphasized?

c.                   How agile is the organization in adapt to an emerging public health crises?

4.      Evaluate the overall website and compare it to a credible national website (e.g., CDC, OSHA): (Paragraph format)

a.                   Is the organization providing information and resources on the website that is credible? How do you know?

b.                  Does the website serve the needs of the community regarding COVID-19?

c.                   Did the organization evaluate learning outcomes on the website, if so, how?

d.                  Was the content appropriate and effective for the target population?

e.                   What new Knowledge, Skills, or Attitudes were acquired by participants after reading this website? Did this support the aims of the website?

f.                    As a nurse, would you recommend this website for your clients? Why or why not?

g.                  How does the website compare with a national website such as CDC in terms of the questions in #5a-g?

5.      Provide a written summary based on the questions provided; use bullet points for the sections indicated.  Final evaluation paper should be single spaced and no longer than 2-3 pages.  Please see the rubric below for how this assignment will be graded, which follows the template elements.

Website of Community Organization - Organization providing Website

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