Dashlane (Free Version) - Heuristic Evaluation and Literature Review

Part 2 Dashlane (Free Version) Heuristic Evaluation and Literature Review:

The goal of Part 2 is to perform your own expert evaluation to complement the user study of Part 1. In addition, to do a literature review to see what studies of similar types of interfaces has found that can be useful for identifying problems or recommending improvements. Thus, this will have 2 parts.

Heuristic Evaluation:  Perform a heuristic evaluation on Dashlane. This will involve methodically analyzing the entire interface and noting down all potential issues that are seen. You should first identify a set of reasonable heuristics to help focus the evaluation. Then go through the entire interface, making a list of all potential issues. Include the individual lists in the appendix. Then the lists should be combined, organized, and categorized into a master list, with severity of each issue rated. You should focus particular attention on the parts of the interface and functions that did not get much attention in the part 1 user study, so that you are finding additional issues beyond what your user study discovered.

Literature Review: Do a literature review to find studies performed on Dashlane. Then, summarize what the research has found, and what problems and design guidance that implies. Finally, discuss how that applies to Dashlane. Does Dashlane exhibit some of the same issues? Is it following the guidance already?

Thus, a general outline will be:

1.    Introduction

2.    Heuristic evaluation:

1.    Set of heuristics used, and focus areas for the evaluation

2.    Master list of problems with severity

3.    Literature review:

1.    Summary of sets of studies performed in this area

2.    The implications for Dashlane

4.    Summary: summarize the major issues you have found across Part 1, the heuristic evaluation, and the literature review

Dashlane (Free Version) - Heuristic Evaluation and Literature Review

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