Use the material to make up a Fraud story in accounting

Use the material to make up a fraud story in accounting. This is a MADE UP story, do not use schemes already exist. The materials are listed in additional files. If you think is necessary, you can include some made-up financial statement numbers.

Let me know if there is any questions
Here are guidelines for the final project:This will be a fraud story, of about 7 -8 pages double spaced, that you create. While it is meant to be a work of fiction, it should demonstrate your cumulative knowledge of the content covered in this class including readings, lectures, stories, case studies, etc.

You do not have to include every item covered in class but do cover items that make sense for your story and demonstrate how much you learned in the class.

This should be your work as an individual not a group project or copied from real life cases. You can ask peers to proofread your work or brainstorm ideas together.Suggested items to consider including:Fraud triangle Work plans Financial analysis Profiles of the "bad guys"Explanation of the fraud Supporting documents (described or created)Interview memos or quotes Description of the company, industry, competitors, peer groups, etc as appropriate.

Email review - how it was conducted or "hot" items found Other investigative techniques as appropriate The recovery of funds if applicable Surprises and changes midstream during your investigation Note: the above is not meant to be a checklist.

Other items can be used for your project that are not included and not every item above must be covered.

The grading will be based primarily on the following:Does the fraud scheme make sense Does the main character's involvement in the story overall make sense (for example, you could use an investigator as the main character or the perpetrator or someone else)

Do the investigative steps relative to the scheme make sense(for example, financial statement techniques are often different than bribery techniques)Support for the investigation such as an interview memo, email, etc. (see list above)Be creative and original and have fun with it!

The bottom line for this project: tell a story that demonstrates your understanding of fraud examination that someone who knows nothing about it can read and understand.

Use the material to make up a Fraud story in accounting

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