Research Information - Stress management techniques for athletes

Stress is a major foe for any athlete. Each must find ways to cope and perform their best. Sometimes stress wins.

Your assignment is to find two (2) articles in a professional journal that address stress management techniques for athletes.

Each article must explore a different concept of stress management and include research information to back up the concept.

You are to compare the stress management concepts and report on their findings. You may choose the reporting format you desire but must include the following in your analysis.

The name of the article, author, professional journal, and web address.
2. A brief description of the stress management concept.
3. What research was conducted?
4. What were the findings from the research?
5. Which of the concepts you think would be most effective for an athlete's management of stress and why you came to your conclusion.Remember....Sports Illustrated, newspapers, Yahoo.com, etc. are NOT professional journals.One page requiredComments from Customer
Format: Other:See paper instructions

Research Information - Stress management techniques for athletes

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