Proposal for a group for a community social service or health care agency


Stage 2: Submit Rationale/Purpose, Agency, and Membership/Recruitment Sections           

 Final Paper Description

Write a proposal for a group for a community social service or health care agency you are familiar with and would envision leading (or co-leading).

In essay format, your assignment will be graded on the content (i.e., ideas / methods presented with cited scholarly literature support); organization and writing literacy; grammar and writing quality; and formatting (i.e., written in standard format 12 pt font, double spaced, with 1 margins, paginated).

You must use APA style throughout including in text citations, references, headings, etc. A minimum of 10 scholarly sources is required. Length of paper should be 4-6 pages without cover and reference page.

Each of the sections of the Group Proposal assignment will be submitted weekly. Feedback will be provided to be incorporated into revisions for final paper submission.

 Your proposal should contain & address:

1.      Cover page

2.      Introductory paragraph explaining the paper

3.      Literature review (5-6 pages)

a.      Write a literature review on the type of group you are proposing with the social problem being addressed.

b.      The review should have at a minimum 10 scholarly sources from peer-reviewed articles or books that are cited within paper.

c.       Summarize and synthesize the information from sources, building a rationale that is well informed for the type of group you are proposing.

d.      Include an introduction, a thematic summary and discussion of sources and information, and a conclusion.

4.      Rationale and Purpose of group (2-3 paragraphs)

a.      Goals and Objectives (specific & measurable) linked to information gained in literature review

b.      How group will conduct its work (i.e., discussion, activity- arts & crafts, exercise, role plays, formal meetings)?

c.       Role of the social worker (you) in group (i.e., facilitator, therapist, chair)

d.      How you will incorporate anti-oppressive practice principles in the group (this should also be evident and explicit in the other sections of this paper).

5.      Agency sponsorship (1 paragraph)

a.      Agency name & mission

b.      Agency resources relevant to group (i.e., physical facilities, financing, staff, etc.)

c.       Agency geographic location (i.e., community, not address), demographic characteristics of clients, type of staff, etc.

6.      Membership and Recruitment (2-3 paragraphs)

a.      Target population of group who you would like to reach

b.      Appropriateness of the population with respect to the agency mission and group purpose.

c.       Methods for recruitment, including considerations of anti-oppressive practice.

7.      Composition of Group and Norms (2-3 paragraphs)

a.      Criteria for including or excluding members

b.      What characteristics you would like the group members to be heterogeneous on, and what characteristics homogeneous, and why

c.       Size of group

d.      Open or closed membership

e.      How will the expected composition affect interaction or group development? Include age, gender, race, etc. as relevant and any special considerations in composition.

f.        What are the most important group norms you would like to develop (include elements of anti-oppressive practice)?

g.      How will composition of the group affect the norms or their development?

8.      Group Structure (3-4 paragraphs)

a.      Orientation: Will group members be screened, if so how and for what characteristics? What will be the preparation for group members? (e.g., letter, pre-group interview, discussion at beginning of group).

b.      Contract with members for participation in group

                                                              i.      Number of meetings, frequency, length, and times for meetings

                                                             ii.      If appropriate, contracts with individual members or group (e.g., behavior rules, individual treatment goals, incentives)

c.       Environment

                                                              i.      Physical arrangements (room, space, materials, room set-up)

                                                             ii.      Financial arrangements (budget, expenses, charges) and any other special arrangements (childcare, transportation, access for persons with physical mobility needs)

d.      Group Description (2-3 pages) -Format of group can vary based on type of group & topic. This is a key component to your proposal. Be detailed as in provide some specific examples of activities. Format examples:

                                                              i.      Themes/topics

                                                             ii.      Stages of group

                                                           iii.      Session by session

e.      Evaluation (1-2 paragraphs): How will you determine if your objectives have been met? What type of measures?  Again, be as specific as possible.

f.        Reference page APA format

Proposal for a group for a community social service or health care agency

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