Grocery Supply Chain - How buying behavior changes during panic times

1. Choose a media clip showing a grocery store scene with empty shelves, long lines, etc. (video of grocery stores/news articles/social media pictures).

Then apply relevant course concepts to what you are observing in the clip or picture. This can be things like, the size of the incoming workload ( customers), the capacity of the existing checkout process, which will be the number of checkouts and how quickly they can serve people.

Then evaluate any strategies used to increase checkout capacity such as adding lanes, fast lanes, better management of either checkouts or lineups etc. The more quantification you can add the better.

Make some estimates of checkout capacity, checkout process time, queuing time in the line up etc...2. Then use course concepts to explain factors that lead to stock-outs and panic buying.

Consider how buying behavior changes during panic times. What impact does this have on the operation ( the store ) and the Grocery Supply Chain You can also consider how different product categories might create different behaviors.

For instance categories like Fresh Produce ( Fruit & Veg ), Meat &Fish, Consumer Packaged Goods,Canned goods, Baked Goods etc all might have different patterns of panic buying behavior.

Then what problems do these changes in customer buying patterns create in the Supply Chain? Grocery stores will have multiple kinds of supply chains for different product categories, for instance, some may be local but some may be global.

Apply course concepts such as Supply Chain Management, Forecasting, Inventory Management, to evaluate how grocery store operations might respond to this current crisis.3.

Then what short term ( immediate) measures can you recommend addressing this extreme situation from the point of view of:a) Store checkout capacity, b) Management of incoming lineups of customers)

Personal health and safety of both customers and staff.d) Supply Chain Management, Forecasting, Inventory Management Discuss from a business perspective, what impact all of the above will likely have on Grocery Store profitability Is it likely to make is better or worse?

( understanding you do not have any numbers )4) Finally, looking at the medium to longer term - what could these organizations do to better manage any such re-occurrence in the future?

This will be an entirely academic exercise and can be completed safely from home..
Use below link
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX8yKIujIToComments from Customer
Discipline: Supply chain management

Grocery Supply Chain - How buying behavior changes during panic times

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