Popular Music Genre - Online performances, compare and contrast them

Paper instructions:
The report assignment will be graded according to this rubric Actions.

Criteria for this report:You will choose three (3) online performances and compare and contrast them. Each performance should feature a different artist.

The performances must be in a popular music genre (e.g. rock, hip-hop, r&b, country, jazz, etc.), not classical music or world music! YouTube will be a good resource for finding appropriate videos.

The performances each need to be no more than one song.

The music must be an integral part of the performance, not just background or incidental.

You will provide the URL for each of the performances viewed.
If you're unsure as to whether or not your choices meet the above criteria, contact me by message.

Online Performance Report

Your Name:


URL for each performance:

Genre(s) of Music (Rock n Roll, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Country, Blues, etc.):

Performance Summary:

1.      Note the names of the artists performing and describe their instrumentation (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, sax, etc.).

2.      Be as specific as possible in describing the genres (and sub-genres, if possible) of the music, e.g. if its rock, is it heavy metal, punk, alternative, etc.

3.      For each song or piece, note the name and writer (if possible), and describe the music. You might consider:

a.       the tempo (whether it was slow, medium, or fast)

b.      the character of the music (was it exciting, mellow, soulful, etc.)

c.       the form of the music (12-bar blues, AABA, etc.).

4.      Compare and contrast the three artists or groups in terms of their musical and performance styles.

Personal Reflection:

1.      Describe your overall responses to each of the performances and explain them. If you were bored, why were you bored? If you were thrilled, why were you thrilled?

2.      Of the three, which was your favorite/least favorite performance? Why?

3.      Would you want to attend an actual live performance by any of these artists? Why or why not?

Popular Music Genre - Online performances, compare and contrast them

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