Game project - Creative proposal using unity programming language

The assignment is a creative proposal for a game project using unity programming language (unity.com).

We need to crystallize the project ideas by writing a project proposal.  The main goal of the proposal is to provide a clear description of what we are planning to build, how we are planning to build it, and how feasible it is to build it given the time we have to complete it (*) and the skills we have to achieve the outcome. we should be bringing together the research we did for literature review (attached) with the technical skills we possess to come up with a creative proposal that is demonstrably achievable.

In marking the proposal, we are looking for evidence that:

         the project is achievable within the timeframe, available resources and your skill set

         the project draws upon readings and research you undertook for the first assessment

         the project is creative, not just re-doing something that someone else has already done

Game idea:

Our goal is to create a game, in which the player tries to accomplish a certain task. He will control the ball by moving and avoiding boundaries, falling to cross the boundaries will rest the game. The game contain of three levels and each level will be more difficult than the previous one. Each level consists of cubes, ball and the ground. In each level the ball moving for infinity until it hits one of the cubes and then the ball starts again and so on.

* I plan to compete the project within 4 weeks.  

Draw show approximate game design.

Note: please look at the example attached for a game proposal.

Game project - Creative proposal using unity programming language

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