Corporate and Wholesale Finance - International banking

Corporate and Wholesale FINANCE



Individual essay of 2000 words.

Answer any ONE of the following questions:

1.         (a)       What do you understand by the term ‘extended transfer problem’? Explain the options open to countries to deal with the balance of payments disequilibrium created by the oil price hikes of the 1970s. (50 marks)                              

(b)       What other factors, apart from the recycling of OPEC surpluses, were
           fueling the growth of international banking activities in the 1970s and 1980s? (50 marks)                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                 (Total: 100 marks)    

2.         (a) Identify and discuss the main ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ causes of the ‘sub-prime’ crisis of 2007-09.  (50 marks)                              

(b)       Explain how resolution of the crisis required a focus on issues of both bank insolvency and liquidity.  (50 marks)                              

(Total: 100 marks)

3.         (a)       Explain the need for and the nature of the Basel Capital Accord.  (50 marks)

(b)        Discuss the evolution of the Basel Capital Accord (I.e. Basel 1 to Basel 4) since its introduction in 1992. (50 marks)

(Total: 100 marks)

4.         Explain the meaning of the term ‘disintermediation’ and how it has impacted the development of the banking industry.

     (Total: 100 marks)

On-Line Submission

A copy of your assignment must be uploaded to the Turnitin submission point on Learn by 2.00pm on 20th March 2020.

Marks will be returned to students on 28th April.

Corporate and Wholesale Finance - International banking

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