Annotated bibliography - Evaluate Quality of each research source you cite

In an annotated bibliography, you must describe and evaluate the quality of each research source you cite. These sources are related to the topic you have chosen for your specific paper or project.

Annotations are critical source evaluations that you write in your own words; they comment on the sourceís authority, reliability, point of view and usefulness.Each annotation will have several aspects:†

Source Description and Summary:What kind of source is it?

Please describe in detail.
What are the main points that are outlined in this source?
Currency:When was the source published?
Based on the publication date and the field of study, is it current or out-of-date?

Please make sure the resource is less than 5 years old.
Accuracy:Where does the sourceís information come from? Is it from original research, or does it analyze and/or summarize othersí research? Please describe in detail.

Reliability:Why can you trust this source? Please describe in detail.
What are the sourceís limitations, if any? Please describe in detail.

Specific Reflection on the Sourceís UsefulnessHow does this source add to your knowledge of your topic? Please describe in detail.
How would you use this source in a research paper? Please describe in detail.

Would you recommend it to another student doing research on your topic? Why or why not? Please describe in detail.I have annotated bibliographies already written, I hope those cites are usable. If they are, you already have access. They were emailed uploaded on a previous order that you completed to my satisfaction.

Annotated bibliography - Evaluate Quality of each research source you cite

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