Nursing - Socialization and Integration of nurses into the profession

Please respond to the following discussion question by sara, making sure you address her views and reply, adding additional comments and information on this topic: Nursing retention is a huge concern with one in five nurses leaving the profession in the first 2 years.

How can better socialization and integration of nurses into the profession be supported? What are some behaviors we can foster as nurse educators to improve socialization into the profession?

Post by Sara
"In an article for Nurse Education Today, Callard, Scammell and Tee discuss possible solutions to the retention problem. The authors were able to narrow the themes to “resilience and commitment, perceived knowledge and confidence, preparation for transition and expectation of supervision,” (2020).

One of the major suggestions that addressed many of the themes was to help nurses to feel supported and not overworked. It also helped that the nurses felt led by strong leadership and were able to build relationships with peers.

It is also important to give the right amount of responsibility to each nurse so that they feel like they are learning and adjusting at a good pace, so that they don’t feel overwhelmed and under prepared.

If new nurses are given quality support from peers and leadership, they can gain confidence and hopefully avoid burnout. This can also begin before the nurse is independently working by giving him or her more clinical time, especially at the end of the nursing program.

This could mean moving the span from five or six weeks to thirteen weeks, (Callard, Scammell & Tee, 2020). The students need to feel more prepared professionally, as well.

This needs to begin in school and extend to the placement of a new nurse, making expectations clear from well before the nurse enters the work force.

Many of the recognized themes for poor retention could be solved with clear professional preparation, solid leadership before and after graduation and peer support to help new nurses feel prepared, supported and well educated.

Nurses who feel unsupported and under great physical, emotional and psychological stress, will leave the workforce.
Collard, S., Scammell, J., & Tee, S. (2020). Closing the gap on nurse retention: A scoping review of implications for undergraduate education. Nurse Education Today, 84-92."

Nursing - Socialization and Integration of nurses into the profession

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