A brief Biography - Historical depiction of the theorist

Theorist: Dorothy Orem

1. A brief biography of the theorist. (This section is worth 10 points.)
a. Provide your audience with a full historical depiction of the theorist. Make it dynamic, enabling him or her “come alive.” Include vital information, such as their date and place of birth.

Pictures that depict the theorist’s life can enhance the presentation. Pictures of the theorist as a child, adult, in addition to their family members, work colleagues, and so on can be included.

Also, students can use YouTube vignettes, music, and so on to enhance their presentation. However, these media should take up no more than five minutes of their presentation.

The theorist’s education and work experience are also important to include. If the theorist has died, include this information and, if possible, their obituary. Students may use internet sources, textbooks, and articles if needed.2. Philosophical underpinnings of the theory. (This section is worth 10 points.)

a. What was the worldview that influenced the theory? For this component, you should consider the world events or movements taking place during the time of the theorist’s life, such as a social perspective; the role of women and men; and health, including disease, health care, nursing, and medicine.b. 

What fundamental philosophies and disciplines are reflected in the theorist’s work? Students should address philosophies or theories that served as a foundation of the theorist’s work, such as Talcott Parsons’ view of social systems, Von Bertalanffy’s General Systems Theory, etc.

It is also important to describe any disciplines that aided the theorist’s work, such as psychology, biology, and anthropology.c. A key part of this presentation is the “how” part. Students need to link how these philosophical underpinnings influenced theorist’s development of the theory.

A brief Biography - Historical depiction of the theorist

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