Access to an electronic medical record - Healthcare

The article from Merkle.org indicates that the majority of Americans desire access to an electronic medical record as a safety issue in healthcare.

Based upon the readings in this module, provide your thoughts on the following quote from Dr. John Lumpkin from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation."

When all Americans have the ability to review their own medical records online, we then will begin to see a health care system that reduces disparities in medical care, and increases the quality of care for all Americans,"

Are there situations in which electronic medical records contribute greatly to patient safety?What are the risks of a fully electronic medical record?

Article:Markle.org (2005).Americans support online personal health records; patient privacy and control over their own information are crucial to acceptance.

Retrieved from:https://markle.org/about-markle/media-release/americans-support-online-personal-health-records-patient-privacy-andComments from Customer

The book source is:
Informatics and Nursing: Opportunities and Challenges 6th ed., Sewell J., ISBN:9781496394064 Chapters 20 and 21

Access to an electronic medical record - Healthcare

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